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Bluegrass Pickers! 

Join Greg Morton for our 6-week Bluegrass Guitar Lesson Series

Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am from October 3rd to November 7th

Cost is $10 per lesson, or $50 for the 6 week series.

To register: contact Anne Marie at (520) 624-1415 or email

Continue learning and improve your playing, with practical lessons covering:

  • Right-hand picking techniques & exercises

  • Learn walking bass lines that lead into chords

  • Explore intros, solos and ending licks

  • How to use chord shapes and a capo

  • Learn signature licks & runs used by the pros

  • How to practice & improve your playing skills with clarity, speed and accuracy.

  • Interactive play alongs to build confidence & skills

  • Learn new chords & progressions to enhance your playing skills and knowledge

  • Learn how to play music with others

  • Playing etiquette 

Join Us!

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