Live Music from the Club, featuring Hamilton Beech, Starting Saturday, July 11, from 9am - 2pm.

Every Saturday, we will be streaming live music from the Music Club to entertain the customers at the 17th Street Market, next door to the Music Club. If you haven't heard about the Market, visit

Our featured entertainers are Hamilton Beech - a new band formed during the recent Stay-At-Home period.  The four-member acoustic band, with over 90 years of combined band experience, provide an assortment of musical genres including folk, blues, Americana, bluegrass, country, Irish, and western – with more to come!  Focused on fine-tuned close harmonies, all four members contribute by sharing lead and harmony parts.  Members include Doug Bowers (guitar), Suzette Sommerer (fiddle), Marshall Vest (banjo), and Arlene Tomlinson (double bass).

Hamilton Beech July 2020.jpg